Frédérique Guidoux
was born in Guéret in Limousin (France) where she started practicing flute with Jean-Yves Guy-Duché when she was seven. Her studies brought her to Conservatoire National de Région de Tours where she  continued her learning with  Frédérique Saumon, then with Jean-Michel Varache at Conservatoire de Versailles and Pierre Roullier at Gennevilliers.


Besides she obtained a masters degree in musicology  from the Université François Rabelais in Tours.


Later, she improved interpretation with Christian Lardé, Gaspar Hoyos, Jean-Pierre Pinet, Patrice Bocquillon, Gilles De Talhouet


In addition to her flutistic and university studies, she learnt the singing and the lyric art from Michel Cadiou, and Michelle Command at conservatoire du 5ème arrondissement de Paris and increased her education in the baroque vocal interpretation  with Noémi Rime.


Her studies in pedagogy has brought her in Lorraine since 2006 where she obtained her pedagogical degree at CEFEDEM de Lorraine. She is now teaching at Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional du Grand Nancy and she is making a performing careere. She performed regulary at l’Orchestre National de Lorraine, at l'opéra Théâtre de Metz, at Gradus ad Musicam, at Orchestre de Flûtes Français, in various chambers music grouping as well as in France as abroad, in festival guitares en cormatinois...


As teacher, she learn Alexander method and other methods using body in instrumental performance and how to manage stress and stage fright. Recently she became a pedagogic supervisor.


Frédérique plays with a Muramatsu flute in solid silver including a B foot and a Salvatore Faulisi mouth hole in gold 14k.